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Tecair, tailormade to your needs

Tecair inc., descending from Tebel Pneumatics,
designes, produces and supplies pneumatic equipment and pneumatic systems to customers in various industries all over the world. As design and production is done in the house, TECAIR is able to meet customers requirements regarding quality, price, lead times and flexibility. Besides these characteristics TECAIR provides their customers with more than 25 years of experience in producing pneumatic equipment for various applications in various environments ranging from specially designed food-equipment to special orders from the department of defense. Last, but not least, TECAIR is well equipped to provide efficient After Sales services and to take care of installation at the customers premises.
To complete it's delivery programm, TECAIR represents TAIYO ltd, of Japan . You can find more detailed information in our products-section. 


How it all started...

Tecair was established in 1997 but the company originates from way earlier. Here is how it all started...

The history of Tecair originates from 1880 when a plumber named Abraham Bijlenga started a company in the center of the dutch town Leeuwarden. His son Tjeerd took over the activities from the "Bijlenga machinefabrieken" and in the 1920's they started to produce cheese-processing equipment. The name Tebel is short for: TeBeL Tjeerd Bijlenga Leeuwarden (the telegram-adres of the company)

During the sixties the Tebel-company was sold several times. Owners in order were CCF, Leeuwarden (Friesland Coberco dairy Foods), Alfa Laval and at last a combination of " Faively, Econosto and the president at that time " by ways of a management buy-out.

Finally this president became the sole owner of Tebel.it's nice to know that the name Tebel never vanished during this period of almost a century.

Meanwhile "Tebel" designed and produced systems and components for the " rollingstock" market. Complete doorsystems, various pneumatic components and magnetic railbrakes were delivered nationaly and internationaly.

In the year 1992 Tebel decided to buy one of Philips establishments (TPME) in Leeuwarden and moved to this new location. The name was changed into the "Transferia Technologies Group"."Transferia Pneumatics" was one of it's divisions to sell pneumatic parts and components.

Meanwhile the group was joined by Transferia Beclawatt (Australia) and Transferia NoordNed (= Noord Nederlandsche Machinefabriek Winschoten)(Netherlands).

In 1996 most of the group companies were sold to " Sab Wabco, Sweden" and continued their activities as " Sab Wabco Tebel Technologies". Only " Transferia NoordNed " and "transferia pneumatics" remained unsold.

Both were joint together in the city of Winschoten and tried to survive as " Noord Nederlandse Machinefabriek also known as NoordNed. Sabwabco was one of the main customers for pneumatic parts because they were unable to produce themselve.

Unfortunately and due to various causes NoordNed went bankrupt in August 1997.

Mr. M. Markus and Mr. K. Zaagemans bought the pneumatics division and started their own company on the first of October: TECAIR was born.         

Why Tecair?

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    Tecair knows, like no other, what is needed to create a system that is perfect both in quality and efficiency. It's this distinguishing characteristic that sets Tecair apart.

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    When your situatiion requires a bespoke approach, Tecair can help you find a solution. Please contact us to find our how we can help you get the most out of your project!

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    Years of experience

    We know what works and ofcourse, what doesn't work. Our years of experience have made us what we are today: experts in tailor-made pneumatic solutions.

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What others are saying about Tecair

  • What a company; that much know-how and experience, all under one roof. Unbelievable!

    Johanneke Smeets

  • For our company, we need very specific material and that's why made-to-order is the only way to go for us. Tecair was perfectly able to fill our needs.

    Reinout van Dijk

  • No fuss, just action. Klaas and Marco knew exactly what we needed and deliverd just that. Great!

    Florus van den Heuvel

  • For anyone looking for a specialist in pneumatics,: look no further, Tecair will get the job done.

    Willeke van Veen