Tailored pneumatics

Tecair, your NEN-EN-ISO 9001 certified partner for all your tailored needs

  • Railroad & Transport

    Tecair has been inventing solutions for the railroad industry for years. Please have a look at some of our products by clicking on the button below.

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  • Nutritional Industry

    We have a ton of clever components for the nutritional industry. Click the button below and check out some of our products.

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  • Chemical Industry

    If you want to find out how Tecair can make a difference in your chemical industry, have a look at some of the products we created for this industry.

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  • Other Industry

    The products we create don't stop at railroads, chemical of nutritional industry. Because our productrange is so diverse, we created a seperate section "Other industry", where we show some of our other products.

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WelcomeTecair, your partner in tailored solutions

Tecair designs, produces & delivers pneumatics.

Tecair inc., descending from Tebel Pneumatics,
designes, produces and supplies pneumatic equipment and pneumatic systems to customers in various industries all over the world. As design and production is done in the house, TECAIR is able to meet customers requirements regarding quality, price, lead times and flexibility. Besides these characteristics TECAIR provides their customers with more than 25 years of experience in producing pneumatic equipment for various applications in various environments ranging from specially designed food-equipment to special orders from the department of defense. Last, but not least, TECAIR is well equipped to provide efficient After Sales services and to take care of installation at the customers premises.
To complete it's delivery programm, TECAIR represents TAIYO ltd, of Japan . You can find more detailed information in our products-section.


  • 2909

    Newly developed by Tecair: Pneumatically operated Luggage Door-mechanism for coaches.

    By operating the original handle of the luggage compartment of your choice the compartment will open & close automatically with the option to operate the system from the driver’s seat.

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    Board change at Tecair BV

    Dear All, With this we’d like to inform you about a change within the board of Tecair B.V. Effective the 1th of August 2016 Klaas Zaagemans decided to resign as a shareholder and Managing Director. Klaas started Tecair almost 19 years ago and has given a huge part of his life to this organization and took part in its progress in any possible way. It was part of his planning to take retirement in an early stage. He will now



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Postbus 633
9200 AP Drachten

Chamber of commerce info

Tecair: 02334843
Tecair R&O: 01094437

Presentational video

This video shows a brief presentation of our company and demonstrates our expertise when it comes to working on specialised, tailormade solutions.