Board change at Tecair BV

Dear All, With this we’d like to inform you about a change within the board of Tecair B.V. Effective the 1th of August 2016 Klaas Zaagemans decided to resign as a shareholder and Managing Director. Klaas started Tecair almost 19 years ago and has given a huge part of his life to this organization and took part in its progress in any possible way. It was part of his planning to take retirement in an early stage. He will now take a long break from his work activities. We thank Klaas Zaagemans for his commitment and are pleased that he is willing to help us out with his knowledge, experience and advise whenever or wherever needed. Effective the same date I became the sole shareholder of Tecair BV and will continue my job as a managing director. With this change we’ve also decided to change our banking relationship. We went from RABO bank to ING bank. The new account number is NL81INGB0007273756. Please take this into account.  We look forward to build and maintain a strong business relationship with your company in the near future and thank you for your support and consideration.   Yours faithfully, Marco Markus